Will the robots take your job?

If I have a worse day at work, I always repeat that I will become a tire vulcanizer. It seems to me that this is a quiet job, during which you can talk to people, partly outdoors, a little physical, but not too much, on the spot. And the peak of the season is when the weather is not favourable for holidays. Today I found a film which makes me think about the choice of my future activity :)

If you are still before choosing your future profession (or you have had enough of it and are planning to start something new) then maybe it is worth checking what prospects it offers? And I don’t mean wages or working conditions. What will be the demand for the services you want to provide in the future? Searching through https://willrobotstakemyjob.com/ opens your eyes firmly.

The tire vulcanization profession is not bad yet, but I’m not sure if it’s a job I could do until I retire. It seems that automatic tyre changers are not that far off.

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