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Best robotics books – a very short list

Are you’re looking for a master list of the best robotics books that every future robot programmer should read in their lifetime? This is a great place to start. Unfortunately, I found just one robotics related book that was interesting. But don’t worry, I have something extra for you :)
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Will the robots take your job?

If I have a worse day at work, I always repeat that I will become a tire vulcanizer. It seems to me that this is a quiet job, during which you can talk to people, partly outdoors, a little physical, but not too much, on the spot. And the peak of the season is when the weather is not favourable for holidays. Today I found a film which makes me think about the choice of my future activity :)

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Do-it-yourself robots

I spend a lot of time here describing „big” robots. To start playing with robotics, you don’t need to buy an industrial device at all. Below is a short list of robots you can play at home. Instead of spending tens of thousands of euros, it is enough to spend several hundred.

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Dragon Costume for… Industrial Robot

What do you wear for your industrial robot?

kostium dla robota

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Teach pendants for robots – the changes are coming

Automatica 2018 is over, so I decided to show you some interesting premieres of new products. Are you curious how the new teach pendants for robots will look like?

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How industrial robot is made?

Self-reproducing robots are still dreams of both science fiction writers and practical robot builders. But this idea has been realized, at least on a simple level: Kuka robots help build copies of itself.
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Robots are breaking the 3 Laws of Robotics!

More than half a century ago Sci-Fi writers predicted that robots will interact and work closely with humans in everyday environment. Isaac Asimov created rules which should be obey by robots to safe coexist with humans. When first robots show on the market they were breaking all of them.
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Robot programming languages

Popularity of Do-It-Yourself robotics caused that many people have distorted view on industrial robot programming. If you ask someone about programming languages used in robotics you probably have heard of: assembler/C/Java/I don’t know.
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Not only Bot & Dolly – robots in film industry

Bot & Dolly was first broad known company that offers robots for film industry. Thanks to „Gravity” with Sandra Bullock even peoples not familiar with robotics or film making heard about them. They popularity inspired others to build similar solutions.
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Industrial robots are lazy

Industrial robots work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, right? So you bought a robot placed them on site and started production. It looks that robot works all the time, but are you sure?
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Mobile electrode tip dresser

How to dress external welding gun? The simplest way: using dresser on swing. This is not a only option, there is more spectacular way of maintaining a gun.
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ABB Rapid (S4C+/IRC5) syntax highlighting in Notepad++

When you need find something in ABB robot backup you have two solutions: use RobotStudio, or software like notepad provided with your system. RoboStudio has a lot of advantages, for example: syntax check and auto-completion. But when you have quick and dirty job (like checking Wobj values) you don’t need all of these functions.
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Fanuc Roboguide ver. 8.1079 (rev E)

It’s time to update the most popular article on this site.
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Industrial robot made by Nokia

Nokia was leader on the mobile phone market over 14 years. I had great sentiment to Nokia products. So, today we back to the past – to times when Finnish manufacturer produced amazing things (and I don’t think about Nokia 3310 or 6310i :-). Forget about lumia 928, pure view and tommorow event in London. Let’s talk about teollisuusrobotti :)
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Tecnomatix Robcad – official training course

I’m curious how looked yours first day with Robcad. I remembered that I lost a lot of time when I was trying to create and store anything in my first cell. Fortunately I found basic manual written in Italian which helped me at the beginning :)
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