Teach pendants for robots – the changes are coming

Automatica 2018 is over, so I decided to show you some interesting premieres of new products. Are you curious how the new teach pendants for robots will look like?

First is a refreshed version of KCP (SmartPAD-2), which it does not differ much from the actual model. You shouldn’t expect a revolution similar to that which took place in the change from KRC2 to KRC4. The current generation of KCP is manufactured by RAFI GmbH & Co., which has already produced over one hundred thousand units. As you can see, there is no need for revolutionary changes, in the refreshed version there are two USB inputs on the front and two straps on the sides (you can tie the programmer to the robot for the whole day ;)

ABB Omnicore FlexPendant

ABB has built a completely new controller for its collaborating robots. Apart from the new control cabinet (it is so small and nice that I could have it in the living room under the TV and everybody would think it is a new console), a refreshed FlexPendant was shown. Visually new teach pendant is a big step forward, although the layout of the buttons and the joystick is still the same. An interface is also refreshed, the whole system works under the control of RobotWare in version 7.

Universal robots and Polyscope5

UR showed refreshed e-series mechanical units, which will be paired with an upgraded controller and a newer teach pendant. The e-stop button goes to the top, interface is refreshed (new Polyscope in version 5).

Yaskawa – teach pendant for YRC1000

Yaskawa like ABB, also presented a controller dedicated to small robots with a quite revolutionary (regarding previous one) teach pendant. The manufacturer promises a lot of facilities for beginners. The display of the new panel has 10 inches, it cooperates only with the YRC1000 controller.

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