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ABB Rapid (S4C+/IRC5) syntax highlighting in Notepad++

When you need find something in ABB robot backup you have two solutions: use RobotStudio, or software like notepad provided with your system. RoboStudio has a lot of advantages, for example: syntax check and auto-completion. But when you have quick and dirty job (like checking Wobj values) you don’t need all of these functions.

To preview all kinds of text files I use Notepad++. It is powerful (and free :-) software which offers everything what I need (editing in column mode, tabs, regexp support). I only missed syntax highlighting for Abb Rapid programming language. So I decide to create my own theme which is compatible with BMW LU/L7 standard (support for MoveJG, MoveJ_CollReq motion commands etc.).
This theme is not an exact imitation of RapidStudio syntax highlighting colours. I decided to mark element which are important to me (collision zones definitions, locations with „fine” motion zones). But you can easily adjust it to your preferences if you need it.

Download ABB Rapid synax syntax highlighting for Notepad++

Installation of rapid syntax highlighting

In Notepad++ go to Language > Define your language… menu. Press „Import…” button and choose downloaded xml file. After restart of notepad you will see RAPID_ABB in language menu. Enjoy!

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