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Industrial robot made by Nokia

Nokia was leader on the mobile phone market over 14 years. I had great sentiment to Nokia products. So, today we back to the past – to times when Finnish manufacturer produced amazing things (and I don’t think about Nokia 3310 or 6310i :-). Forget about lumia 928, pure view and tommorow event in London. Let’s talk about teollisuusrobotti :)

Nokia began her history from rubber products. Before they became mobile phones market leader they produced TV sets, Videocassette recorders and other electronics devices. Nokia was like Samsung five years ago. They produced many things but they aren’t leader in any area.
Finnish manufacturer began adventure with robotics in 1966. Then they signed agreement with Unimation to sale theirs robot in eastern europe and soviet union.

Nokia RM-1/PM-1/PUMA 560

In eighties Nokia acquired licenses from Unimation and started production of their own PUMA robots. Arm was copy of Unimate PUMA 560, but controller was designed by Finnish people. Also software was different from original one. Nokia made about 1500 pieces of robots destined for CCCP.

Nokia NS-16

Nokia also developed its own robot – NS-16. This robot was able to handle loads up to 16 kg with speed 1 m/s. One of restored robot is in Finnish Museum of Technology

Nokia NRS-15

Besides NS-16 Nokia introduced to market model NRS-15. It was specially designed for welding applications (but was also suitable for material handling, palletizing, assembly, and packaging). NRS-15 had 5 DC servo-controlled axes and can lift 15kg. Maximum speed was equal 3,3 m/s (during linear movements: 1.5 m/s).
nokia industrial robot nrs15
Nokia adventure with robot production last nearly ten years. Finnish corporation sold their Robotics division in 1990.

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