Tecnomatix Robcad – official training course

I’m curious how looked yours first day with Robcad. I remembered that I lost a lot of time when I was trying to create and store anything in my first cell. Fortunately I found basic manual written in Italian which helped me at the beginning :)


A real man works in Robcad

Let’s begin from something simple. You want to create new component. In modern programs there is button called „new” or „create” which allows you start work. What do you need to click in Robcad? Button “Open” and then type name for new component. Quite intuitive, isn’t it? :)

I found few days ago official course book. If you have to make simulation in Robcad it could be good start. This books describe version 7.5.1 which is quite old, but main functions are the same like in newest releases. Good luck :)

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